Welcome to RC Helicopter Reviews.  I hope you find the reviews and articles helpful when searching for the right RC Helicopter for you or your family.  I created this website to provide practical reviews of the RC Helicopters that I purchase to share other amateur enthusiasts like myself.

Like many others in the Radio Controlled Hobby world my first real radio controlled device was an RC 10 in the late 80’s.  I had a paper route and saved up enough money to finally purchase my first RC car.  I think the RC 10 was price similar to what an RC car costs today.  I assembled it myself. During the week I would drive it around in front of my house and on the weekends I would race it.   Eventually due to time and cost I put my hobby on hold.

Fast forward nearly 30 years and I have resumed my RC car hobby and have begun a new one by acquiring a few RC Helicopters.  I started off slow and small because RC Helicopters can be a dangerous hobby and an expensive one as well.  As I review more and more helicopters I will share my findings on this website.  Any RC Helicopter news I stumble upon I will share on this site as well.  There are more amateurs in this hobby then there are pros so I am hoping this site will be helpful to those just starting.

If you have any RC Helicopter recommendations please contact me through the contact page or on the Facebook page.