SYMA S102G 3-Channel RC Helicopter Review (Black Hawk UH-60)

SYMA S102G 3-Channel RC Helicopter

Syma really sets the standard for providing an entry level RC helicopter at an affordable price by making the Syma S102G  Black Hawk UH-60 RC Helicopter.  This $20.00 indoor helicopter was made with a great deal of thought and quality so that owners could enjoy flying this helicopter over and over again without it breaking or needing repairs.  Designed to look like the actual Black Hawk UH-60 helicopter, it makes flying it even more fun.

Syma S102GColor Options for the Syma S102G  Black Hawk RC Helicopter

Since the design of this helicopter is to imitate the Black Hawk helicopter, the helicopter only comes in green.  It wouldn’t be very military like if it was yellow or red.


This helicopter comes with a USB charger.  You can plug it in to your computer or to a USB wall charger.  The controller also has a charger cable that will charge the helicopter off the batteries in the controller.  Depending on the how you charge it the helicopter could take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to fully charge. If you choose to charge your helicopter from the controller, expect the life of the controller batteries to be shortened.

Spare Parts

This helicopter comes with a few spare blades.  You can purchase replacement parts if needed but it would almost make more sense to purchase a new helicopter than to purchase additional parts in my opinion.

Flight Time

You can expect between 6 to 8 minutes of flight time depending on your flying habits after a 30 to 40 minute charge.  This is a pretty decent amount of time for this size of helicopter.

Indoor Flight Only

Due to this helicopter being extremely light I highly recommend this helicopter be used indoors only. The slightest of breezes and the helicopter can be uncontrollable outdoors.  This helicopter is great for indoor use but not outdoor use.  The range for this helicopter is 30’.  If you are indoors then it shouldn’t be an issue.


The controller has alignment trim, a charge power indicator, and left and right trimmer.  The controls are completely suitable for controlling this helicopter the way you want.  The transmitter takes 6 AA batteries.

What Others Are Saying

Amazon Reviewer-“ I rated this chopper a 4 because it is very enjoyable to fly. I also have the s107g which I also enjoy. The black hawk s102g is far more fun to fly. It is more responsive, quicker, and has a more realistic appearance (the 102 looks like a toy model. The 107 looks like… well… a remote control helicopter). I have found the black hawk is easier to control than the s107g but is not as stable in the air…”


This RC helicopter is designed for beginners and includes a GYRO that makes for stable flight experience. The turns are mild and never drastic which helps new flyers learn the basics of flying.

Overall Thoughts

This is a fun replica RC helicopter at an inexpensive price.  This is ideal for ages 8 and up however my 5 year old has learned how to fly Syma beginner helicopters just like this one.  I would recommend supervision for flyers 7 and under if you choose to let them fly.  These helicopters are ready to fly out of the box.  Put batteries in the controller, charge the helicopter and start flying. Very good for the price!
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