Syma S109G Apache AH-64 RC Helicopter Review

Syma S109G Apache AH-64 Review

Syma S109G Apache AH-64Syma does a good job at creating realistic RC helicopters at an affordable price.  The Syma S09G Apache AH-64 helicopter is no exception.  Whether it be the realistic paint or markings, this helicopter will make you feel as if you are flying the real thing (only a miniature version).  The one thing in particular that I like about this indoor helicopter is that it has lights on either side of it which allows for even more fun.

The Gyro on this helicopter makes for easy flying (which can be especially needed indoors).  The movements are smooth and steady.   They indicate that this helicopter is designed for 8 years of age and older but  I have seen 5 year olds operate this size helicopter with a little practice and guidance.

This is another great beginner helicopter from Syma.

Charging The  Syma S109G Apache

The Syma charges by a USB cord which plugs into the helicopter and a USB device like a USB converter or a computer.  The remote control with uses 6 AA batteries.  In some controllers a charging cord comes out from the controller and the helicopter can be charged that way as well.

As for the helicopter battery there is a Li-Po battery built into the helicopter.  Apparently you can find the battery on Amazon but you would need to disassemble the helicopter, remove the existing battery and then solder the new batter in.  Truthfully with would be better just to purchase a new helicopter if for some reason the batter needs to be replaced.

Syma S109G replacement partsSpare Parts for the Syma S109G Apache

Syma Helicopters typically come with a few  replacement blades.  The blades are difficult to break as they have a little give which makes them very forgiving during crashes.  You can always purchase replacement blades on Amazon for around $6.00.

Flight Time for the Syma S109G Apache

Flight time for this helicopter is about 6 minutes.  This is very typical for RC helicopters of this size.  It may last even longer depending on your flying habits.

Indoor Flight Only

Unless there is absolutely no breeze outside, this helicopter is recommended for indoor use only. It’s small and fun helicopter for indoor use.

Controls For The Syma S109G Apache

The controller comes with  alignment trim, a charge power indicator, and left and right trimmer.  The controls are completely suitable for controlling this helicopter the way you want.  The transmitter takes 6 AA batteries.  There are two frequencies to choose from so you can have two of these helicopters flying at the same time.

—-> Click here for more information from Amazon on the Syma S109G Apache


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