What is the Difference Between 2 Channel 3 Channel and 4 Channel RC Helicopters

This article will explain the difference between a 2 channel, 3 channel and 4 channel RC helicopter.

It is important to know how many channels the RC helicopter you are purchasing has as the more channels a RC helicopter has the more flight capabilities are available to the pilot.  I was a bit confused by this when I was fist in the market for an radio controlled helicopter.  So let’s get right into it.

What is the Difference Between 2 Channel 3 Channel and 4 Channel RC Helicopters

2 Channel RC Helicopters

The 2 Channel RC helicopter has very limited motions.  It will allow you to move up and down and to spin in different directions.  Spinning in the air is much like spinning a bottle on the ground.  Spinning only allows you to change the direction you are facing or going.

Additionally the 2 channel RC helicopter does not allow you to control the speed of your forward motion and does not allow you to go backwards.

I would recommend 2 channel RC helicopters for those who are just getting started and don’t want to worry about having to many different controls to worry about.

Because of the limited mobility, precise landing becomes a little more difficult but is not impossible.

Examples of 2 Channel RC Helicopters

3 Channel RC Helicopters

The 3 channel RC helicopter has a little more control than the 2 channel.  The 3 channel will allow you to go up and down, forwards and backwards and spin left or right.  Because of the additional control you can make the helicopter over precise landings are much easier.  The major difference is having the control to move forwards and backwards and it makes flying a lot more fun.

A 3 channel RC helicopter with flight stabilization like a GYRO makes flying easier and more enjoyable.

Examples of 3 channel Helicopters

4 Channel RC Helicopters

The 4 channel RC Helicopter allows you to go up and down, forwards and backwards, left and right and spin left or right.  The additional motion is the moving left and right without having to spin.  The fancy word for this is called an Aileron slide.

Again if you have some sort of stabilization happening on your RC Helicopter then this can also be a great starter helicopter.  If it does not have a stabilization GYRO then the helicopter becomes quite advanced with these controls.

Examples of 4 Channel RC Helicopters

If you have a stabilizer on any of referenced RC Helicopters then I would consider the helicopter to be for the beginner.  If you purchase a RC helicopter without the stabilizer the helicopter becomes an intermediate helicopter to fly and will require a bit of practice to get the hang of it.


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